Fat, Broke & Broken to Fit, Free and Globetrotting Digital Nomad

– Michael Catlow

Professional Bikini Bodybuilder

– Katie Catlow

    Helping Networkers Reach Their Next Rank & Income Goal!

    With 15+ years of Network Marketing experience, building a customer base of 20,000+ people and helping teams earn millions in commissions — I GUARANTEE to help you reach your next rank and income goal!

    Corporate World to Fitness World to Traveling the World

    I am from a small town called Gaffney, SC (known for it’s Peach water tower) and lived my first 36 years in the same 45 mile radius.  After ups, downs, twists, turns, working in corporate America, owning a photography business, accounting contractor, sales and more – I finally found a passion in fitness.  

    Pro Bikini Body Builder

    In 2013, a friend encouraged me to compete in a bodybuilding bikini show.  8 years and more than ten shows later, this sport is probably the second thing in this life that brings me the most joy (my husband being the first).  I am self motivated, not interested in excuses and passionate about results.

    A+B Doesn’t Always = C

    In high school and college, I played competitive sports and enjoyed living an active lifestyle. I followed my parents advice and made good grades, went to college, got a great job, got married, built a home, got divorced… ok, so maybe that wasn’t all my parents’ advice.  

    Balancing Zeal and Laser Focus

    I had no idea where a handshake with Michael at a taxi stand in Cancun, Mexico would lead me. Michael’s zeal for life and his free spirit drew me in to balance my “results driven laser focused eyes on the prize” personality!